Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Unleashing What Woman Wants!!:)

Unleashing a Woman's Desire :)

An age old topic on which men racked brains and women always stayed silent leaving it as a challenge to men to understand.. I read some where ::::

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." — Robert A. Heinlein

Funny to hear but What women wants and what she really wants…is a really tricky question!!! What women wants can be many things…The list is endless ..A woman seems to be immensely liking /loving any thing and every thing from a simple colorful bindi to costly diamond earrings …At the same time she immensely loves a reckless irresponsible lad in the form of a mother…and a husband who hardly assists her in her house hold works! She is like a dream some times…its actually hard to believe such creature exists….:) so men stick to their belief Woman can never be understood! She is just an unsolved puzzle! She just wants every thing..She needs perfection..But reality is that they just cant digest the so called characteristics of a woman… :):) Its always proved its boys who r stronger lot!! why doesn’t it get changed for one day for an hour for a while……Few girls are also strong but not many .. :-(

My Mom early in the morning to my dad : “Uffo You have kept the towel again on the diwaan and its wet!!yuck…how can you people stay so ugly!! And if dad forgets the towel cant you people dry it in the backyard!! (GLARING AT us : grrr)”

We silently smile thinking OH MY GOD!! Mom never accepts defeat…she wants to prove she is the best…My dad starts teasing her telling ……..”FROM WHERE do u get this patience dear! to just keep on trying to bring perfection in Morons like us”

My mom silently takes the towel to backyard…Goes in to the kitchen switches on the oven…Makes the roti out of dough..puts the bread in Oven…switches on the heater..cleans the plates..fills the drinking water…irons dads shirt for that day….Puts the clothes in washing machine and phewww!!! WHAT NOT!! Some times I shudder at the thought of getting married :):):)! Women may rant a lot by END OF THE DAY about all the pressures worries…but the best part is they accept all the things they rant about and even do those tasks perfectly….Women are best at multi tasking with less complaints --if she is just pampered and showed a pinch of love…it does not mean she should be drained with love with LOVE messages , mails , flowers , gifts…It can be a simple things like…expressing it to her by helping her..doing your works!....drying the wet towels dialy J and helping her by just replacing the things….I BET SHE WILL BE DAMN GLAD loving U MORE N MORE and serving you better!! Some times I feel she is a maid devoid of salary ----the intensity with which she does all house hold chores!Seeing Mom I fear about my after marriage life but I think GIRLS have got that gene…THE power to LOVE many, the patience and the perfection which adds to their beauty. Yes am not exaggerating !!

Woman is THE BEST !!

Girls often the emotional LOT become very weak at times! Why this discrimination in gods creation………it might be a controversial statement but girls are HIGHLY emotional beings on the EARTH but no Tom Dick Harry can steal their desire to BE PRACTICAL if they really want to be practical….They are meant to be emotional…After being highly emotional they can bend towards practicality when needed and its tough to come back to emotional self in such cases!! A girl though physically weaker species mentally unusual strength she has got! ---gifted by GOD! Many situations which a boy THINKS he can handle easily but cant..a girl handles them easily even if she is unaware she can actually do it!!!! I have seen a boy who forgot taking his regular meals, even combing hair and got used to booze and smoke for ever after a girl ditched him and I have seen a girl who cried to her hearts content but got ready in a nice dress after a week and went to a movie with her friends… So a girl can be Stronger when she has to be!

I just want to illustrate What woman wants by showing a conversation between God and Angel in the heaven some where

GOD created girls with lot of care and concentration!

God concentrated so much while creating …that watching him work so hard Angel asked god “hey god why r u spending so much time on her”

God: She would be my best creation..i would love her a lot

She has to be strong enough as she should be almost ripped off to give birth to a new life…..She must have vigor to embrace all kids and to mend from a bruise to broken heart…she should be adaptable to any kind of food…and think self lessly when it comes to others food!---

Angel : Oh all this with two hands !! its tough …take another day to make her

God: no !I want to finish now..she would be favourite of my heart…she can cure her self when sick and she can work 18hrs per day

Angel: let me come near and touch her…Oh my god! She is so soft…

God: ya ..she is soft yet strong..YOU have no idea what all she can endure and over come

Angel : can she think !??????? (ANGEL with a wild puzzled face !)

God: She can even reason and negotiate

Angel: But god a defect in ur creation. Its leaking..U have put so many burdens and complications in her creation

God: its not leaking it’s a tear

Angel: but why a tear when it can be strong ?

God: Tear is a way of expressing her grief , loneliness , love ,doubts, her fears her troubles and her pride

Angel : WOW GOD!! This is marvelous ..this woman!!!

God: Yes it is (with a sense of pride in his voice)

She has powers which amazes a man !! !!

She is suffering but some times can smile so that others don’t suffer for her!

She thinks a hug and kiss can heal any type of trouble

She has her opinions and sticks to them but she is always open to a good advice

She loves kids too much …jumps at their victory..

She reacts a lot at her beloveds success, happiness and smile

She tries smiling when she wants to pick up courage!

She screams on top of her voice when she wants her loved ones to hear…..(heard some where WHEN PEOPLE R ANGRY distance increases between them….so u need to be louder to make them hear)

She cries when she cant bear a mishap to her beloved people

She becomes a Strong root to a family..Every one look up to her

She gives herself for her family and friends so that they can thrive!

She opposes injustice and imbalance and tries perfection to the core!

Her love is unconditional

When she FALLS for some one!! Yes when she LOVES SOME ONE!! She loses herself in that love

ONLY FAULT WITH HER is “ SHE FORGETS what she is worth of “

As an ending note I want to add an SMS which I got recently and felt so apt!!(AS TOLD by a MAN )

Girls always Smell Good even if its just shampoo;)
The way they sleep on guy's shoulders .
The ease with which they fit in to arms!
The way they kiss and evry thing in world seems right :)

The way they say “I miss U”
somehow they r always warm even when it is 4 2degree centigrade outside

The way their tears make u want 2 change the world so that it doesnt hurt them!!
COZ once they come in to ur life what ever they are to world they become every thng to U!!!!!!

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